Nick Jonas’s New Song Is Maybe, Definitely About Priyanka Chopra

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s whirlwind relationship and engagement has been interesting (and maybe a little puzzling) since the get-go, but if you were wondering how Nick really feels about her, his latest song has all the intel you could possibly want.

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The song dropped just six days after Nick confirmed the engagement on Instagram, so the timing seems too intentional to ignore, right? Without further ado…

You are my water, my sun, my moon and stars
Your heart is all I need
It start when you come
I want to be where you are, where you are (na, na)

Every time you go away, you’re always tryna fight
How bad I want you, bad I want you
I could try to fill the space with someone else tonight
But I don’t want to (I don’t want to), I don’t want to

Right now, you know I miss your body
So I won’t kiss nobody until you come back home
And I swear, the next time that I hold you
I won’t let you go nowhere
You’ll never be alone, I’ll never let you go
Yep. Definitely sounds like the words of a man who is madly in love with his new fiancée, especially when you consider that Priyanka’s career is international, which probably means she travels constantly.


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